the prince and the princess

I ever watched a cartoon movie when I was kid, it's long long time ago, I even forget how old I'm at that time. in that movie, there is a conversation that I could never forget till now, it is between a prince and a princess. the prince want to marry the princess, and the princess likes the prince, she catch her eyes on him.

here the conversation:
princess: dear prince, why do you want to marry me?
prince: (smile) yaa, it because you are kind, graceful, beautiful, you are a princess, daughter of a king, you are nice, friendly, you are bla bla bla... (prince explain so long)
princess: that's all?
prince: ya!
princess: if it is all gone, still you want to marry me?
prince: what do you say, my dear, it wouldn't happen.... mmm... mmm.... mmm... (he look so confuse, think, then be quiet)

the princess look down while exhale deep breath, she looks dissapointed and leave the prince alone. 
the prince confuse and say, "did I say something wrong?", the princess still walking away from the prince.

in her heart, she say:
I just want to know whether you love me or not, what's the meaning of all of that if you don't love me, you gonna leave me then when it's all gone...

my suggestion:
when the princess said, "if it is all gone, still you want to marry me?", I think the prince should answer:
"I will, because I wouldn't let it gone from you, I will keep you as of now, even better, because I love you, I don't want you getting worse"
(if he wants to marry her because he really loves her. if just because to fulfill the criteria, I think she deserves to get more than him)

hhmmmm, men always don't know what the girls want, hahaha...

*haha, okay, it's just a cartoon movie^^
I even forget what the title of that movie,
but I always remember that conversation till now


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