Being extraordinary?

I admit that I’m just an ordinary girl. Yes, very ordinary. I'm not beautiful, not smart, not rich, not good in business, not good at speaking, nor jaunty. I enrolled at a very ordinary university in my country, living in a very simple family, and also have ordinary close friends. It's hard for me to escape my ordinary and become extraordinary. Sometimes I envy the person who is awarded the god talent to be extraordinary. I've tried very hard, but I still couldn’t be "the extraordinary girl". Is it just a dream for me?

This thought keep running through my mind. Then the question arises in me, "what is the extraordinary exactly?" Does someone who is beautiful/handsome, smart, rich, have many friends and many achievements can be called as extraordinary one? Does she/he find her/himself as extraordinary person?

Hoho, the answer is no, friend! Being extraordinary is obviously subjective. Person who has everything in this world is not necessarily an extraordinary person. He/she just looks better in some aspects than us. Maybe,  he/she feels the same thing that we feel that they admire some aspects that we have and envy because they can't find it in themselves. in the fact, we just compare, without analyzing.

Then, I conclude that being extraordinary lies in our ability to be grateful for what God bestowed upon us. Thus, we will always feel happy and incredible.

Extraordinary person is a person who always feels happy of what he/she has.


Ria Hidayah said...

^_^ huaaa... desi is an extraordinary girl ^_^ sangat-sangat-sangat luarrrr biasa.. Sooo, selalu bersyukur, bersyukur dan bersyukur lagiiii ^_^v

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