President of superpower country, united states of America, arrived to Indonesia today at 04.00 pm! every channel of television is busy preaching about this. His arrival is waited by most Indonesian people after long pro and contra by some people related to his arrival. and about 06.30 pm, there was a public conference in which Obama and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (President of Indonesia) were the speaker. Most of questions are addressed to America and Indonesia cooperation and relationship, besides with other Asia-Pacific countries.

Well, actually, I just admire the way of Obama talk or deliver his mind. It is so enthusiastic and significantly reflect that he has a really broad minded. He delivered it all in a relaxed, but still classy and elegant. and of course, I believe, most of people outside put a sense of awe to him, a figure that considerable influence in the world now.

Then, after watching this public conference on television, directly I asked a question to my self, "could I become like him? a person who has influence in the world, a person who can carve history in the eyes of the world, and a person who is respected by most of people in the world? could I?"

This question is still ringing in my head until now...
But, one thing that I must consider, like the advice of uncle Ben Parker in Spider-Man movie, "With a great power comes a great responsibility"...



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