Colors of The Rainbow

 The bright colors of the rainbow
Trace their way across the sky
Granting peace after each shower
Like a touching lullaby
An emblem, marked by the beauty
Found within each stunning hue
Shall remain a lasting treasure
‘til our time on earth is through.

Her red arcs stand for the glory
Seen within the souls we love
Her orange bars tell us the story
Of the blazing sun above
Yellow shades confirm our pleasure
With each blessing we behold
While green tones attempt to measure
Every dream, yet to unfold.

Her blue streaks shine like the heavens
On an early springtime day
Though her soft indigo highlights
Seldom come outside to play
With her violet next door neighbor
And her other brilliant friends
When they form a gift of value
That does not know where it ends.

The rich colors of the rainbow
Forge their way into our hearts
To provide a sense of comfort
When the last raindrop departs
Such a symbol, marked by beauty
Shall forever share its worth
For as long as showers tumble
Upon the riches of earth.


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