Woman Have A Bigger Amygdala Than A Man

One of the most beautiful aspects about being a woman is the ability to feel emotion in great depths. The woman’s brain functions differently than a man’s brain and the hormones that women have are different than a man has.
Not to discount a man’s emotional depth but women feel it at a very different level than men do and more often. In a study by Cahell is it is quoted “One possible explanation for why women tend to be less aggressive than men is that they may be better able to filter out overly arousing feelings. The front part of the brain, which controls emotions, is bigger in women than in men when compared with the size of the amygdala, where experiences get their emotional charge. 
Throughout a month women go through cycles of ovulation and menstruation which cause slight to higher elevated moods and emotion in women. This however is wonderful when a woman can feel all of these emotions and control them at the same time. As women get older they begin to know themselves better and how to keep their emotional side under control, and use it to nurture their children, friends, husband, family and loved ones.


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