Being a Leader...

Being a leader is not an easy job...

Being a leader means recognizing passion, authenticity, integrity, and ethics as the cornerstones of effective leadership upon which we lay the foundation to bring about change. And these are personal choices, not simply what we come to know by studying about leaders and leadership. Being a leader means knowing who you are at the deepest level.

Being a leader, is not something you have to be born with. You can develop the qualities of a leader by being a good follower. True leaders, however, are not average people, they must be above average. I mean by this, that if you are an everyday average person, you are most likely a follower, not a leader. Once you become a leader, your thoughts, actions, and achievements will be above average, because you will be reacting differently than the average person.

True leaders are mentors with a servant's heart. These are not just pretty words to fill out space. If you are NOT a true servant with a true passion for helping people you will not be a true leader in the real sense of the word.


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