Unforgettable Moments in The 8th IMSPQ, Malaysia

Well, I'd like to share about my incredible experience when I attended The 8th IMSPQ (Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz) held by University of Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's such kind of the international physiology competition for medical students held in 24-25 August 2010. We departed from Palembang at the morning of 23th August and arrived in Kuala Lumpur at the evening. It was so tiring day for us because we spent most of our time in airport! After we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we rushed up the taxi to go to Wisma Belia (lodging provided by committee). Unfortunately, we didn't know exactly the address of wisma belia (how poor). The driver said that  there are many wisma belia in kuala lumpur and he confused where he should drive us. After long discussion, at last we find the wisma belia that we seek. At the lobby, I found some of students that have the same race with me, malayan. I guessed that they are from Indonesia, and my guess is correct, they are from Diponegoro medical school, Indonesia. They are very warm and friendly, especially the accompanying lecturer, Dr. Hardian. (^____^)

we (the female students) got the room in 6th floor, at the end of corridor near by window glass, while the male students got the room in 12th floor. Our room was occupied by three students. Not long after we occupied that room, we saw the foreign students occupied the room in front of our room. They are from AIIMS India, we just had a short chat with them in that night.

In 24th August, the competition was began. Today, we just have to do the written test, then cultural night. But, before the competition was began, we were invited to walk around the medical faculty of Malaya University by some students there, named Chia and Yan Li. They are very friendly and have a nice personality. I just admire the way they explore about their university and I think UM is really great university! The medical faculty is located behind the hospital that used for their study. the building it self consist of 14th floor. The lecture hall and the library is really big and well design (well, it's very different with our faculty T.T)

After we walked around that university, we took the written test. The result will be announced in the cultural night. In the cultural night, many university from several countries presented their creativity. Our friends from Romania presented penguin dance that attract many people to join with them. Our friends from Japan presented the Yukata dance that very very great! They performed it totally. and of course, our friends from University of Indonesia presented the traditional dance of Indonesia. They were only the Indonesian team who presented something in cultural night. On the sidelines of the event, prof Cheng announced the teams who passed the written test, as we guess, we didn't pass the written test. actually, we lack of preparation to this competition. we seldom had a special time to discuss about physiology and although we've gathered, we couldn't focused on our discussion because of many reasons. but, even though we failed, we keep smile and happy.

There was a little remorse after that announcement, we didn't prepare it well and of course it cause the bad result. But, the show must go on right? So, after we return to wisma belia, we (The male and female student of Sriwijaya medical school) gathered in female's room. we just want to share the happy moment in that night and laugh together. Surprisingly, our friends from India (consist of 5 boys) joined with us in that night, it's such of crowded condition in our room, hehe. We talked together, then we sang, shared about our country and medical school, then we laughed until midnight. Their presence become reliever for our sadness in that night (^___^). Actually, I just wonder, they supposed to study at that night because they passed the written test and gonna have oral test tomorrow. but, I just see one student who study hard in his room (Ravi, haha), while four others (Varidh, Mandeep, Siddarth, and Toney) keep sharing happiness with us (hehe). But, I believe that they all are smart students and have already prepared well for this competition and I pray to God in order they can be a winner of this competition... =D

And in the 25th August, after very exciting oral competition, there were three winners of this competition, they are University of Malaya as 1st winner, Colombo University (our nice friend from Sri Lanka) as 2nd winner, and AIIMS as 3rd winner. We are really happy because our friends from India can get top three of this competition. We are happy too for the victory of our friends from Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Besides it all, we also make friends with medical students from China, (Han, Sunnie, and friends). They are from Second Military Medical University, they are very nice, charming, smart, and friendly. They have really nice smile and warm personality, it's occur not just in students, but also the teacher... =D
Not just that, we also have a chance to recognize other smart and friendly friends from Indonesia (many friends from UI, Unpad, Undip, and UGM), Sri Lanka (Piyumi, Thilina, Thilini, Vihangi, and friends), Malaysia (Friends from UM, UTM, and others), Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Romania, and other countries.

The 8th IMSPQ is really great and unforgettable moment whole my life. It's really open my horizon of thought, make us realize how great the medical students from various countries, and how small we are. It burns our spirit to keep moving forward to chase our dream... =D
And the moment in which we can find many smart, warm, and friendly friends from various countries really impress me...
From the deepest of my heart, I just want to say that I miss you all friends...
Wish that we can meet again in the future... =D


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