When I was elected...

Today I was elected as a head of FKIA (Academic and Scientific Medical Student’s Association) of Sriwijaya Medical School. FKIA is an organization that is engaged in the development of student achievements, particularly in academic and scientific fields. Surely, it is not easy to become a leader within the scope of FKIA. It’s because FKIA is divided into 2 concentrations, Academic and Scientific Program. Actually, I didn’t intend to be a chief in that organization because I realized that will be many consequences that I have to carry in a period of one year forward and I also realized that there will be more sacrifices that I have to do. Previously, I served as head of the department of education and profession in student executive board of Sriwijaya Medical School and head of the department of scientific study in Academic Club. That experience was enough to make me know how hard being a leader in which we have responsibilities to The God, the organization that we shelter, the people around, and ourselves. Actually, I planned to retire from all kinds of organizations after I no longer served as the head of those departments. I had many plans, started from focus on my lectures, taking English course, spending more time at home, hanging out with my friends, and so forth. But it all crashed when I was elected as a head of FKIA because I realize that many things I should think and do for the achievement of the goals of that organization. There will be much time, energy, thoughts, and material that I will sacrifice. Become a leader is not easy because at that moment, one of your feet is in heaven, while other is in hell. If your step is wrong, your whole body might be trapped in hell.

After going through deep contemplation, I realized that being a leader is not an option, but it is a must! To be elected as a leader indicates that there are still many people who trust you and looking forward to you to be able to bring the benefits and advancement for many people through the organization. These expectations then turned into a huge fire that could raise my spirits that began to outages due to saturation and exhaustion. Those expectations are the reinforcement of my heart to go forward for a better changes starting from this moment until the unlimited time.

So, keep moving forward! =D


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